2018 QUIP Annual Conference

Writing at the Edge

26–29 April 2018 at Glenthorne, Grasmere, UK

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Remembering Chel Avery

Chel Avery, 1951–2018, passed after a too-long battle with cancer on Tuesday evening, October 2. A member of Goshen Monthly Meeting, Chel had come out of retirement in Oct. 2017 to serve Pendle Hill as its pamphlets coordinator. Chel had served as director of the Quaker Information Center in Philadelphia and as manager of QuakerPress for Friends General Conference. She was a long-time member of Quakers Uniting in Publications.

The memorial service for Chel Avery will be held at the Goshen Friends Meetinghouse, in East Goshen, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, 10 November, at 11:00 am.

Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes from our mid-year conference call in 2018 along with a report on Spirit Rising sales

Minutes from our annual meeting at Glenthorne in 2018

Minutes from our mid-year conference call in 2017

Minutes from our annual meeting at Penn Center in 2017

2016 Treasurer’s Report

30 Years of QUIP – a timeline

1900 Letter About Diversity Among Friends Read at 2012 Annual Meeting

Charles Martin, Co-Clerk, welcomed Friends by reading a quote from a letter written to the Friends Intelligencer by his great-great grandfather William Burgess which illustrated that Friends from differing theological viewpoints can get along and worship together and also work together for peace and social justice. He pointed out that QUIP is a contemporary example of what William Burgess reported to Eastern Friends was happening in San Francisco in 1900. Here's the letter: William Burgess Letter

Visit the new Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices

Why Join QUIP?

Read what Friends Vanessa Julye, Phildalephia, PA, USA and Harriet Hart, London, UK say about attending QUIP Annual Meetings in The Ministry of Words in The Friend.

QUIP Clerks

  • Co-Clerk: Vanessa Julye, 643 Westview Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119 USA
  • Co-Clerk: Jennifer Kavanagh, 44 Langham St, London W1W 7AU, UK
  • Recording Clerk: Nancy Haines, 181 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 USA
  • Treasurer: Gabe Ehri, c/o FJ, 1216 Arch Street, 2A, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
  • Assistant Treasurer: Chris Skidmore, 46 Princes Dr, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1HL UK
  • Promotions Clerk: Rausie Hobson

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