Barclay Press

BarclayPress The Barclay Press office is located in Newberg, Oregon, near the campus of George Fox University. Since 1959, Barclay Press has served the Friends Church through the publication of books, pamphlets, curriculum, and periodicals.

For its first 42 years Barclay Press was owned and operated by Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends. In 2001 the curriculum publication ministry of Evangelical Friends International (operating as George Fox Press) merged with Barclay Press. The reorganized Barclay Press is governed by a board of directors with broad geographic representation from evangelical Friends.

Inner Light Books

InnerLightBooks Nearing the end of his life, Oliver Shaw Fell wrote this poem for his associates at the Universal Peace Union.

Fell was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on 10 Third Month 1833 into the Religious Society of Friends and died on 31 Twelfth Month 1904 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Fell spent his life in faithful service to the causes of anti-slavery, temperance, and peace. Fell worked as a teacher for 35 years and then as the Business Manager of the Universal Peace Union. Oliver Shaw Fell’s life was in many ways similar to those of other 19th century liberal “Hicksite” Quakers.

For over 350 years the Religious Society of Friends has been made up of individuals such as Oliver Shaw Fell. Inner Light Books was formed to help tell their stories. In publishing books by and about Quakers and books that examine Quaker values it is the hope of the publisher to expand the knowledge of and appreciation for the faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends. The first publication of Inner Light Books has been released in 2009. It is the intention of the publisher to offer selected texts on-line as well as in book form. The texts published will be from original unpublished manuscripts as well as out-of-print books. The publishing program will concentrate on 17th, 18th and 19th century texts. In addition, 20th century and contemporary texts will be published when the subject matter merits it.

North Carolina Friends Historical Society

NorthCarolinaFriendsHistoricalSociety The North Carolina Friends Historical Society seeks to collect, preserve, and publish valuable information relative to the history of the Society of Friends in North Carolina and adjacent territories.

The North Carolina Friends Historical Society publishes a number of items, some for sale and some for free to Society members.

  • Quaker History, the jointly published journal of the North Carolina Friends Historical Society and The Friends Historical Society of Philadelphia is sent biannually to all Society members free of charge.
  • Society Newsletters are sent to all members four times each year. The newsletters contain articles on topics of interest to members and provide timely notices of special events.
  • Carolina Quakers, a brochure highlighting key places of Quaker history in North Carolina, printed and distributed to tourist centers around the state.
  • Books and Southern Quaker meeting histories are published occasionally. The Society’s Publications Advisory Board handles projects from conception to printing, sometimes in conjunction with a meeting and/or a yearly meeting.

Quaker Heritage Press

QuakerHeritagePress Quaker Heritage Press aims to make available various historical Quaker writings that have been allowed to go out of print. The press has several volumes available in print, while others are on-line at their website.

Also at their website they have assembled a valuable catalog of writings of early Friends with reference to they are available in electronic and/or printed form.

QuakerPress of FGC

QuakerPressofFGC QuakerPress of FGC publishes books and other resources to nurture meetings and individual Friends.

For a copy of our editorial guidelines, please see our website.

Quaker Universalist Publications

QuakerUniversalistPublications The publishing arm of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship publishes books, pamphlets and a on-line materials including a journal. They seek publishable postings, essays, and manuscripts focused on universalist themes.

Short articles, book reviews and critiques (<3000 words) could be published in the Journal, Universalist Friends. Full-length essays (9000 words) may qualify as a stand-alone QUF pamphlet. Longer manuscripts (60000 words) might be published as a QUF book.

SEYM Publications

SEYM Publications offers over 50 titles for sale in print and 4 in ebook formats. All print publications are available from the SEYM Office:, and for sale at our Yearly Meeting and Interim Business Meeting gatherings. We offer discounts for quantity orders: 10% off for 10 or more; 20% off for 20 or more; 40% for bookstores, including Yearly Meeting bookstores.

Tract Association of Friends

TractAssociationofFriends We are an association of members of the Society of Friends with a special sense of unity in the concern for distribution of sound Quaker literature. Our roots run deep into the past.

Among the first generation of people called Quakers were men and women with this same concern. They published books and pamphlets telling what it meant to be called by this name. This material was carried by the traveling ministers and given to those who were reached by their preaching. During times of persecution other tracts were printed to explain the scriptural basis of Friends doctrines. Later these first concerns were continued with tracts about our testimonies: plain living and dealing, the abolition of slavery, the equality of women, and the principles of peace.

Then, in the early part of the last century, there arose a generation of birthright Quakers unacquainted with the fundamental principles and history of their religious society; due, in part, to a lack of Friends publications. Edwin B. Bronner commented on this when he wrote:

“Friends belonging to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting were receiving virtually no printed material from the yearly meeting in 1816. There were only two standing committees. . . and they did not send reports to all members . . . the yearly meeting did not send the “minutes” as we know them today, but prepared an “extract” which might run two or three pages in length …. There was no periodical. Friends did publish some books, but it is clear that a minimum of Quaker printed material reached Friends homes.”
Edwin B. Bronner, “Distributing the Printed Word: The Tract Association of Friends, 1816-1966,” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume XCI, Number 3, July, 1967.

In this atmosphere, a number of Friends— “having convened in Philadelphia on the 15th of the first month, 1816, to consider the propriety of forming an Association, for the printing and distributing of moral and religious books and pamphlets such as explain and enforce the doctrines of the Christian religion; after deliberate consideration, united in the belief, that such an association, might be productive of much good.”—The Constitution of the Tract Association of Friends.

For nearly two hundred years following that initial meeting we have published pamphlets, essays and books on beliefs, concerns, history and practice; and, when the times required, we printed refutations of unsound doctrines. We continue to encourage Friends to compose material suitable for publication and to participate in our activities as members, if they feel rightly led by the Holy Spirit.

Since 1885 we have published the familiar Friends Calendar, with the months and days numbered in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and consistent Quaker practice. These calendars and all our non-profit literature continue to circulate in this country and overseas.

During the history of the Tract Association, the Society of Friends has been tested by war, tempered by separation and tried continuously in the fields of social change. However, if we look deeper, we see many issues unchanged. The foundation of our Christian faith remains unshaken. The desire for truth is unquenched. The need to spread the gospel of light is as timely today as when George Fox sounded the query, What sayest thou friend, is it inwardly from God?

Friends House Moscow

Friends House Moscow translates and publishes Quaker literature in the Russian language, both historical and contemporary materials, in both printed and electronic format. All are available at their website.

German Yearly Meeting

German Yearly Meeting publishes a variety of materials in German language including the bi-monthly journal QUAEKER, pamphlets, and books. You can get a full list from their website.

Intentional Productions

IntentionalProductions Intentional Productions offers pre-publishing consultation on design, printing, marketing and distributing. Bring us a portion of your draft or finished manuscript. We’ll review it and help you assess whether it is ready for publication or whether further work is needed.

Who is your audience? What can you do yourself? With what do you need professional assistance?

We can work with you at every stage to turn your draft manuscript into a successful publication that you will be proud to find in bookstores, libraries and on your friends’ and family’s bookshelves.

New Foundation Fellowship

NewFoundationFellowship New Foundation Fellowship publishes books and pamphlets that bring us together in the love & power of Christ Jesus.

For more about what they publish go to their website.

Pendle Hill

PendleHill Pendle Hill Publications, an integral part of the Quaker study, retreat, and conference center in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, publishes the Pendle Hill Pamphlet series. This series includes six new publications each year expressing Quaker perspectives on themes of contemporary importance. The topics may arise from an author’s spiritual experience, religious concern, and/or special knowledge of a particular person or subject.

For information about submitting manuscripts see the website.

Pronoun Press

PronounPress Pronoun Press is an independent publisher run by Peter Daniels, writer, editor and Quaker.

Peter Daniels Publisher Services also offer freelance editorial, typesetting and production work for organisations and individuals.

This is a small independent press. The list of titles is being gradually built up, but it will have to be gradual. The list needs to develop a coherent character. We don’t necessarily want to publish more of the same, but books that connect with the current subjects would be sensible projects to take on.

Pronoun Press is willing to publish in conjunction with another organisation, which we have done for the liberal Jewish organisation BKY and the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. This is different from being commissioned to produce a book that will come out solely under another organisation’s name, or to work with an author who is self-publishing. For this kind of project, see Peter Daniels Publisher Services.

Quaker Institute for the Future

Quaker Institute for the Future envisions a global future in which humanity is in right relationship with the commonwealth of life. The mission of QIF is to advance a global future of inclusion, social and economic justice, and ecological well being through participatory research and discernment. QIF adds a Quaker voice to public discourse. It calls on Quaker experience and approaches that contribute to the advance of governance for the common good, and the promotion of values necessary for social and ecological well-being. Underpinned by coherent and systemic analysis that supports strategic intervention and social action, QIF shares its work in various forms, including their website, conferences, workshops, seminars, and books. The QIF flagship book is Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy, which was published in 2009. A series of 10 QIF Focus Books designed for discussion groups have been published on environmental and economic topics. Details are on the QIF website.

Religious Society of Friends in Australia

ReligiousSocietyofFriendsinAustralia Religious Society of Friends in Australia publishes a variety of materials including a journal The Australian Friend, pamphlets, and books. You can get to a full list from their website.

Spirit Water Publications

SpiritWaterPublications Spirit Water Publications is a non-profit publishing company dedicated to sending out the written word, photography, and artistic creations inspired by God-given life so others may be more alive to that life that is filled with freedom and to know better the character of the God who gives it.

Started in 2002 by artist and author, Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, the company has been overjoyed to touch lives and inspire people along life’s journey.