QUIP Annual Meeting Plenary Series 2021

Telling Truth Slant in a Tilted World | Brent Bill

A Quaker Perspective on Writing for Young People | Sally Nicholls

The Lie of the Land: Can Friends Still Handle the Truth? | Joe Jones

Workshops included the following sessions:

QUIP Annual Meeting Plenary Series 2020

Being a Quaker for Others | Ashley M. Wilcox

Summary: As a Quaker minister, Ashley M. Wilcox has been surprised by how following leadings has brought her to working with other denominations, including starting a Quaker-Baptist church, teaching preaching at a Methodist seminary, and working with a Presbyterian publisher. In this online talk, Ashley will share some of the surprising ways that Way has opened and closed for her, leading to unexpected work in ministry.

Quaker Publishing: An Historical Overview | Thomas Hamm

In this online talk, Tom Hamm looked at the nature of Quaker writing and publishing from the 1650s to the present day. He focused on issues that Friends sought to advance through their publications, and how they have changed and reflected the diversity of Friends in the past two centuries.

From My Heart to Yours: Sharing a Faith That Heals | Marcelle Martin

In this online talk, Marcelle Martin speaks about the call to write about faith in a way that reaches to the hearts of others. In her twenties, while in an M.F.A. program in Creative Writing, she learned to guard her heart from criticism. But her constricted inner life called out for healing and led her on a search for deeper truth. With the help of writing practices, she woke up to spiritual dimensions previously unsuspected, and discovered the path toward wholeness and healing. In this talk she describes the call to help evoke a healing faith in others, through the stories of early Friends and other faithful people as well as by offering accounts of her own explorations and spiritual journey. Click here for the recorded video from Marcelle’s talk.

Photos taken at Annual Conference 2018

1900 Letter About Diversity Among Friends Read at 2012 Annual Meeting

Charles Martin, Co-Clerk, welcomed Friends by reading a quote from a letter written to the Friends Intelligencer by his great-great grandfather William Burgess which illustrated that Friends from differing theological viewpoints can get along and worship together and also work together for peace and social justice. He pointed out that QUIP is a contemporary example of what William Burgess reported to Eastern Friends was happening in San Francisco in 1900. Here’s the letter: William Burgess Letter

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