Hester and Sophie

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a novel by John Lampen

Thirteen-year-old Hester and Sophie were best friends, but Sophie has now gone. A troubling dream and an inexplicable message start Hester on a journey of discovery—the journey from grief into new hope, and from childhood into adolescence. 

What readers of this book have said about it:

In John Lampen’s sensitive, unsentimental story, we get to know Hester, a lively and thoughtful young woman finding her way through the ordinary complications of life, school, family… and the shock of losing her best friend. There is no easy comfort on offer, but a realistic road map to the stages of loss, as she discovers the specialness not just of Sophie, and of other people round them, but also her own. The comfort when it comes lies at the edge of, just beyond the grasp of, words. .

—Philip Gross Poet and author of Turn to Stone and The Lastling

I really enjoyed reading this and I thought that it was very good. I wanted to go on reading from when it mentions Sophie communicating with Hester through her diary. I liked the fact that Hester was a similar age to me because it made it easier to relate to her and become more engaged in the book. I also liked it that she allowed herself to be motivated by God. I really wanted to carry on reading right to the very end. One of my favourite scenes was when the writing first appeared in the diary because it made me curious and got me more into the book.

—Stephanie Age 13

With illustrations by Rosie Ryder

Publisher: Independent Publishing Network https://bookisbn.org.uk/ In association with The Hope Project.

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