Sweetness of Unity

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Sweetness of Unity: Three Hundred Years of Quaker Minuting. Judith Roads, 2019.

ISBN/Price: 978-1-5272-4085-8 (Paperback) £5.00 / €6.00. 64 pages.

This book is speaking mainly to those with some experience of Quakerism and those who understand something already about Quaker processes. Others interested in language or historical aspects of business Engish may also find snippets of new learning.

Judith Roads has dug deap into the fascinating world of Quaker minute-producing in past generations, and introduces us to the processes, topics and language used by Friends across the ages. These communities left us a rich legacy of manuscript material that for the first time has been brought into general view.

Prof. Rachel Muers (University of Leeds) writes: If you’ve ever looked at the minutes of a Quaker decision-making meeting and wondered “why is it said like that?” or “why are these different from the minutes of other meetings?”, you need to read this book. Judith Roads brings together her fascination with Quaker decision-making processes and her expertise in the close study of language to uncover the stories that minutes tell us about the history of Quaker communities.

Available from the Quaker Bookshop, Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE. UK. https://bookshop.quaker.org.uk

or from Judith Roads (£6.40 incl. p&p within the UK) at: