Telling the Truth About God

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Telling the truth about God without excluding anyone is a challenge to the Quaker community. Drawing on the author’s academic research into Quaker uses of religious language and her teaching to Quaker and academic groups, Rhiannon Grant aims to make accessible some key theological and philosophical insights. She explains that Quakers might sound vague but are actually making clear and creative theological claims. Theology isn’t just for wordy people or intellectuals, it’s for everyone. And that’s important because our religious language is related to, not separate from, our religious experience. It also becomes clear that denying other people’s claims often leads to making your own and that even apparently negative positions can also be making positive statements. How do Quakers tell the truth about God? This book explores this key theological process through fourteen short chapters. As Quakers, we say that we know some things, but not very much, about God, and that we are in a constant process of trying to improve our ways of saying what we do know.

Author: Rhiannon Grant
Publisher: Christian Alternative, April 2019
ISBN: 9781789040814
Paperback,  88 pages

Part of the Quaker Quicks series. This series of short paperbacks is very useful for outreach and for religious education.