The Emancipation of B

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by Jennifer Kavanagh

This is Quaker Jennifer Kavanagh’s first novel. B is not a child of his time. As an outsider, he hides his secrets well. Freedom is all he dreams of. But when it comes at last, it is in the most unexpected way – and at a considerable cost.

Roundfire Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing 2015
149 pp.
ISBN: 978-1782798842


“I think the book is wonderful. Vivid and absorbing and thought-provoking. Nor did I find B unsympathetic. Far from it – he is an odd character, yes,

but I found myself really caring what became of him.” (Tony Peake, author of A Summer Tide, Son to the Father, Seduction and a biography of Derek Jarman)

“A hymn to mindfulness and a moving meditation on our conflicting ideas of home in a novel that explores one solitary man’s efforts to find sanctuary in the most unlikely of places.” (Paul Wilson, author of The Visiting Angel)

“I finished the book over the weekend, and was completely hooked all the way through. You are a marvellous writer, observer, and guide. You said the narrative would reveal itself slowly, which it did, but to have kept the reader’s attention when sometimes we were witnessing quite humdrum events in quite ordinary lives, is a tribute to your skill. You simply had to turn the page! … Your descriptions of the nuances of childhood and family dissonance are absolutely spot on. I think the book is both haunting and memorable and I salute you for it.” (Laura Morris, literary agent)