The Guided Life

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Finding Purpose in Troubled Times

Quakers have made the cultivation of the guided life the focus of their spirituality for over three centuries. Generations of Quakers have developed practices for nurturing their connection to an inward source of guidance, meaning and purpose. This Inward Guide is present in all people, cultures and traditions. It goes by many names and is understood in many ways, but it is equally available to everyone who is willing to listen and respond. The Guided Life shares some of the spiritual practices that the Quaker tradition has developed to discover purpose and direction in daily life. These practices may be of use to anyone who is wrestling with the complex challenges and dilemmas of the modern world.

Author: Craig Barnett
Publisher: Christian Alternative, November 2019
ISBN: 9781785358968
Paperback, 80 pages

Part of the Quaker Quicks series. This series of short paperbacks is very useful for outreach and for religious education.