The Machine Society

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Rich or poor. They want you to be a prisoner.


Mike Brooks’ debut novel is an adventure story set in a dystopian future in which our taste for branding, consumerism and artificial reality is boundless. In /The Machine Society/, he weaves together psychological insight, philosophical reflection and spiritual inquiry to give us a novel that is both a deep satire on modern life and a rich metaphor for our longing to find inner peace. Dean Rogers lives in the Perimeter of New London, holding down a soul-destroying job, surrounded by people who have lost the will to communicate. He is afraid his debts will spiral out of control, resulting in him being cast out of the city, outside of the Security Wall. Meanwhile, in the Better Life Complex, New London’s rich elite live in plastic luxury, unaware of the sinister secrets that underpin their world. /The Machine Society/ is an original and intelligent sci-fi thriller, and a heartfelt rally cry for the soul’s liberation.

Author Bio
Mike Brooks was born in Edinburgh, grew up in south Manchester, and now lives in London. After completing a psychology degree at the University of Central Lancashire, he trained as a journalist and went on to work for various newspapers and publications in Manchester, Yorkshire and London. He is currently the editor and communications manager for an international development agency.

A thoroughly gripping and highly intelligent novel, with a wholly plausible, perfectly imagined future – a warning of where present cultural trends may take us – all underpinned with philosophical speculations on the nature of freedom.
Steve Taylor, author of The Fall and Back to Sanity

Distributed to the trade by National Book Network in US; by Orca Marston in UK
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Publication Date
October 2016
ISBN: 978-1-78535-252-2
$16.95 | £10.99
8.5×5.5 inches | 216×140 mm

ISBN: 978-1-78535-253-9
$7.99 | £4.99

Library of Congress 2016934226