Writing at the Edge

Registration for this year’s conference is now closed. It is still possible to attend as a Day Registrant, finding your own accommodation, of which there is a wide range, in Grasmere village (2- to 5-minute walk from Glenthorne).

This year’s QUIP Annual Conference considers “Writing at the Edge,” a look at the edges we encounter as writers and publishers. We’ll gather for the long weekend of April 26-29, 2018, at Glenthorne, Grasmere, UK. Here are program details:

Geoffrey Durham, our keynote speaker, presents on what it might mean to be “at the edge,” and Peter Daniels discusses and reads his translations from the Russian. A panel of European editors explores the edge of language and translation. Another panel, featuring Vanessa Julye and Philip Austin digs into writing at the social and political edge.

Workshops include:

The Edge of History – Gil Skidmore

The Edge of Old and New Forms of Publication – Joe Jones, publications manager of Britain Yearly Meeting

The Business and Practice of Producing a Quaker Magazine Today – Gabe Ehri, Friends Journal

The Edge of Fiction – Stephen Cox

We hope to see you at the Annual Conference. Click here for Day registration!

Quakers Uniting in Publications meets at historic Penn Center

QUIP members enjoyed quiet writing time in sunny South Carolina
QUIP members in front of Benezet House, a historic dormitory at Penn Center

QUIP members held their annual meeting at Penn Center on beautiful St. Helena Island in South Carolina, USA, with the theme “Are Quakers Still Publishers of Truth?”

Author C. Wess Daniels, Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College, spoke of how early Friends were trained and strengthened in a community of Spirit, backed by culture and sacred text, before going out into the world as missionaries to convince people of “Truth,” synonymous with God. In today’s post-modern society, cultures create their own truth. “So we struggle to make any truth claim outside of individual or small group,” he said, and the cultural bubbles polarize communities.

Daniels and interactive listeners concluded that people are no longer convinced by mere facts, but by stories that connect with feeling. As Emily Dickinson wrote, “Tell all the truth but tell it slant.”

Attendees enjoyed QUIP’s first virtual workshop as activist Oskar Castro spoke about the benefits and nuances of microblogging. He shared how social media has redefined journalism and news reporting.

Members of a follow-up panel, “The New Pamphleteers,” shared their journeys in writing online. Most started with blogging, but moved either into social media or published articles and books. Time, priorities and audience influence the choice of media. For example, a current pastor can no longer use a public blog to process all his thoughts, but he can share sermons and research online. Past blog posts can be repurposed into other media.

Representatives from independent and yearly meeting publishers offered a discussion about how to get a manuscript published, from writing a good proposal to being able to work with a committee or editors. Recent authors shared how the marketing plan is now a huge element for traditional publishers.

Attendees highlighted their latest publications and forthcoming work, including Spanish translations of children’s books. They also shared publication opportunities.

QUIP will hold the 2018 annual meeting at Glenthorne in northern England. The date is April 26-29, 2018, before Britain Yearly Meeting.

BYM Special Interest Group for QUIP

There will be a special interest group for Quakers Uniting in Publications at Britain Yearly Meeting on Tuesday 1st August, 4 - 5 p.m. University of Warwick, Humanities building, 3.44. All welcome.

Remembering Christine Greenland

She had the rare ability to slice through thorny Quaker issues with unexpected observation and wisdom. She had a long view of recent Quaker history that put things in context and she would pull metaphors from her training as a botanist to explain mystifying behaviors in our coreligionists. She also had a wealth of institutional memory.

Martin Kelley on the passing of Christine Manville Greenland, a longtime member of QUIP and a vital part of the Tract Association of Friends

2017 QUIP Annual Conference

Are Quakers Still Publishers of Truth?

9-12 March 2017 at Penn Center Circle West, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920 USA


Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes from our annual meeting at Penn Center

2016 Treasurer’s Report

30 Years of QUIP – a timeline

1900 Letter About Diversity Among Friends Read at 2012 Annual Meeting

Charles Martin, Co-Clerk, welcomed Friends by reading a quote from a letter written to the Friends Intelligencer by his great-great grandfather William Burgess which illustrated that Friends from differing theological viewpoints can get along and worship together and also work together for peace and social justice. He pointed out that QUIP is a contemporary example of what William Burgess reported to Eastern Friends was happening in San Francisco in 1900. Here's the letter: William Burgess Letter

Visit the new Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices

Why Join QUIP?

Read what Friends Vanessa Julye, Phildalephia, PA, USA and Harriet Hart, London, UK say about attending QUIP Annual Meetings in The Ministry of Words in The Friend.

QUIP Clerks

  • Co-Clerk: Vanessa Julye, 643 Westview Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119 USA
  • Co-Clerk: Jennifer Kavanagh, 44 Langham St, London W1W 7AU, UK
  • Recording Clerk: Nancy Haines, 181 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 USA
  • Treasurer: Gabe Ehri, c/o FJ, 1216 Arch Street, 2A, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
  • Assistant Treasurer: Chris Skidmore, 46 Princes Dr, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1HL UK
  • Promotions Clerk: Rausie Hobson

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